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Q: How fast will the heater get to lethal temperatures for BedBugs?

A: Every Application is different, in “ideal conditions”: Dry Wall, Carpet, 9ft Ceilings; You can expect a 150 sq-ft room to reach temperatures exceeding 120ºF in 1 1/2 - 2 hours. The larger the space you are heating, the more time it takes. 12-24 hours is a standard rule of thumb for hotel room treatments. Building materials such as: Concrete, Plaster, and Block are going to take more time, as those types of materials are more conductive of energy than drywall. 50% more power is a good general rule for rooms constructed of these hard to heat materials.

Q: How long should I treat the infected area?

A: We recommend a minimum of 2-4 Hours in the “Kill Zone”. However, depending on the level of infestation, you may want to extend times to ensure 100% success.

Q: How Effective is heat at killing bedbugs?

A: All life cycles of bedbugs, including their eggs, are scientifically proven to die when exposed to temperatures exceeding 122ºF for 1 hour or less. Bedbugs die in minutes or seconds when exposed to temperatures of 140ºF. Filling an area with heat allows complete saturation into every crack and crevice of a bedbug nesting area ensuring no eggs or adult bedbugs can survive.

Q: I have a sprinkler system, What do I do?

A: We recommend capping and draining fire sprinkler systems whenever possible. If it is not possible to drain the system we recommend covering all sprinklers. Visit our accessories page under “convenience items” to purchase sprinkler covers or call us at 480-304-5649 and we will tell you how.

Q: Will the heat damage personal property?

A: Unplug all electronics and be sure to remove any soft vinyl, waxy, and other meltable items. It is also important to remove all aerosol cans or other combustible items from the infected room. *Refer to the instruction manual under best practices for heating rooms.

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Yes, We offer financing through Paramount Financial (877) 948-6200 or through Paypal Credit. Both Subject to credit approval.